What is Antares Reading?

Antares Reading provides short-form books across a wide variety of topics, in English and Spanish, exquisitely illustrated to engage and support young readers. These texts allow students to make connections between their everyday world and increasingly complex ideas, building foundational literacy skills, comprehension, and world knowledge. The books reflect contemporary society, depicting a spectrum of races, ages and family structures. They were specifically designed to meet the needs of the classroom, allowing for differentiation, capitalizing on student interests, and extending learning opportunities.

Why is it important?

Antares Reading take kids seriously, treating concepts with fidelity while honoring the age of its readers. Antares is informed by Nell Duke’s research on how the reading diet in the elementary classroom needs to shift. There is a need for increasingly complex texts for the youngest learners and nonfiction at every level. The Common Core and other state standards demand access to nonfiction texts for all readers and raises the bar for the need for high quality nonfiction in every classroom.  If we are teaching kids to be savvy readers of nonfiction we need content that tells kids it’s not just necessary but also interesting and fun.

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