What grades are Antares Reading books appropriate for?

Antares Reading texts are aimed at students in grades K-6 but are appropriate for developing readers at any age.

What Lexile range is covered by Antares Reading?

Antares books focus on the 200-850 Lexile range. Additionally, 50 titles are written specifically for beginning readers.

How many books are there?

The Antares collection includes 1,200 titles.

Where can readers access these texts?

The Antares Reading collection is available exclusively on LightSail for free as part of the LightSail Library.

Can they be used to supplement curriculum?

Antares Reading books were specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s classroom, allowing for differentiation, capitalizing on student interests, and extending learning opportunities. In addition, Antares books focus on key questions aligned with curricular themes, including government systems and ancient Egypt.

How are assessments handled?

Currently all English books have cloze assessments and multiple choice questions embedded throughout the texts, created to foster reading comprehension and track student growth.

Coming soon, Spanish books will have multiple choice questions embedded as well.

What are some of the topics within Antares?

Antares books appeal to the natural curiosity in kids and take on those areas of life that kids are drawn to like bugs, the human body, sports, and interesting public figures. Some titles explore the wonders and challenges of everyday life, like moving to a new apartment, visiting a museum, and how things are made. There are books on inventions and ecosystems, strange animals and historical landmarks plus many other topics that will appeal to both students and teachers.

What makes Antares texts different than other nonfiction books for young readers?

Antares Reading takes kids seriously, treating concepts with fidelity while honoring the age of its readers. The books prioritize diversity and reflect contemporary society, depicting a spectrum of races, ages, and family structures.